Why Blood Pressure Monitoring Is Important?

blood pressure monitoringCardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death nowadays – annually, more people die because of cardiovascular diseases than from any other class of illness. The risk for developing high blood pressure is real for more and more people regardless of ethnicity, gender and age. Although most people will experience deviations from the normal blood pressure at some point in their life, certain individuals are with much higher probability to develop chronic conditions. The majority of cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by reducing the effect of negative behavioral risk factors (smoking, obesity, physical inactivity, alcohol). People already diagnosed with a cardiovascular disease or who could be at high cardiovascular risk need early detection and constant blood pressure monitoring, counselling and treatment, as appropriate.

What Is Blood Pressure Monitor?

blood pressure monitorA blood pressure monitor (aka sphygmomanometer or blood pressure meter) is a device used to measure blood pressure. It is composed of an inflatable cuff that is used to control the blood flow during the measurement, and manometer (a mercury, mechanical or electronic) to measure the pressure. Both cuff and manometers evolved significantly in the last couple of decades. The mercury and mechanical manometers were almost completely replaced by the electronic monitoring of the blood pressure, while the standard upper arm cuff, which was used in the past, is now complemented with wrist cuffs and even finger cuffs. Many of the current blood pressure monitors provide advanced features improving the accuracy of the measures, like arrhythmia detection, multiple consecutive readings, movement detection, etc. Other functions aim to improve the record keeping and trend analysis, like support of multiple user profiles, extended record keeping, connectivity to other electronic devices (PC or smart phone) and graphical representation of the blood pressure measurements.

What Are The Different Blood Pressure Monitor Types?

There are many different types of blood pressure monitors, which are grouped based on their different features, like gauge, working mode, cuff placement and connectivity. Detailed explanation of the different classes of devices is provided in Types of Blood Pressure Monitors post.

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Are Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors More Accurate Than Wrist Type?

Best Blood Pressure Monitor

It is merely impossible to qualify one as the best blood pressure monitor, simply because users may have completely different requirements for their BP monitor. However the most important factor for a medical device used at home, is it’s accuracy. Another important factor is the ease of use, because usually blood pressure monitors are used by elderly people. Advanced connectivity, blood pressure log maintenance and graphical visualization of blood pressure readings are also important, but contribute to the overall ranking with less weight. Of course the most important is the users feedback and experience.

Below are listed the best blood pressure monitors reviewed by our team. The ranking covers all different types of blood pressure monitors. If you are interested in a specific class of blood pressure monitors, maybe it will be more useful for you to take a look at the ranking in this particular category.

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